Saturday, January 5, 2019

Was the Grinch Here?

Not really!  I usually leave the tree up until Epiphany, but I stole the ornaments to create centerpieces for the Epiphany Party tomorrow at St. Mark's.

 The church has eight tables to decorate in the Parish Hall, so I pulled out some of my silver plate to fill with the ornaments.  There will be a tall candlestick, a small crown enclosed votive to represent one of the Wise Men, and each of the silver trays holds some stars to represent the star that guided the Wise Men to Bethlehem.

This little votive is not the right color for the light and dark blue cloths at the church.  It was my practice piece.

 Still working on the crowns for the votives.  Need to go to town to purchase more glitter!

If you are in the Albuquerque area, join us tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. for the Epiphany Service at St. Mark's Episcopal Church 431 Richmond NE with a Party after church. Children will  search for the Baby Jesus, and everyone will enjoy King's Cakes with Mimosas for the adults and Sparkling Cider for the children and youth.  Careful, if you get a piece of King's Cake with a small plastic baby, you will be crowned a King and need to make a toast!

May 2019 shower you will God's Blessings and Protection!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Remembering my Mama's Voice

Happy Mother's Day!  Recently while sitting on my newly enclosed front porch,  I wrote the following as an assignment for a writing group to which I belong.  Remembering my Mama is always  bittersweet but I especially miss her when all the world is celebrating, for she loved a great party. 

Until I went to school at four, I thought my name was “Hurry Heather.”  But no one called me that when at pre-school, it was just the rather abrupt, truncated “Heather..”  Apparently I took my mother’s constant urging to heart because I was a speedy child who was in a hurry to go out to play, in a hurry to learn, in a hurry to grow up, in a hurry to excel.  

It was, when I was young, and continues to be, years after her death, almost impossible to ignore my mother’s voice.  It was energetic, excited, emphatic, encouraging, exacting, exasperated but hardly ever empathetic.  I know that she was tender-hearted by her actions.  She carefully prepared meals for her sick friends and even those she didn’t like among her acquaintances, She took in my and my sister and brother's found strays, both animals and people. She was always the first one to offer assistance in a crisis, but I never heard her say, “I know just how you feel.”  She was impatient with the whole field of psychiatry, which as a high school student, I found fascinating.  She told me again and again, people who think about all the bad things will be sad, but you can decide to be happy! She always saw the glass half full.

In getting ready to write about her voice, which I still hear, I re-read Mama’s journals.  They were lists of her tasks, the places she visited, the things her friends had said, what had happened in the world, with absolutely no commentary.  So I have come to the conclusion that Mama was not introspective, or if she was, she was never comfortable sharing those thoughts.

Mama was opinionated.  She has strong views on religion, politics, the proper way to run a house, how children should behave, her role as a wife and daughter-in-law, her duty as a Christian, and the best way to fight off illness (usually based on completely erroneous beliefs about how the body actually worked).  To this day, I cannot abide the thought of liver and onions, which she dutifully served once a week years after I was a healthy robust, pink cheeked child, because as she said, “You were anemic as a baby.” END OF DISCUSSION.  To her the fact that I was healthy was due to all that disgusting liver.

But her strongest opinion was that all her children should and would go to college.  She always regretted that she had to turn down a scholarship to college because her Dad had died and her Mama needed her to help support her younger brothers.  There was never any possibility that her children would not get the opportunity to learn.  All I wanted was to be an artist, but as Mama said, “ College will make you a better artist, and it never hurts to learn to type, so you can write your papers!”  She paid for private typing lessons while my grandmother paid for my art classes in high school. 

Of course Mama was right.  I used the typing to earn money to help pay for school after my own Daddy died my first year in college.  And I did love school!  And, of course, in this digital age, typing or rather "keyboarding" is an essential skill.

Naturally, there were many things Mama said, that I did not want to listen to, things like:

“Pretty is as pretty does.”  Usually delivered when I was hysterical that I did not have a new outfit to start the school year, or had a pimple the day I had to give a talk.


“It is as easy to love a rich man as a poor man.”  When I clearly was enamored of a flashy boy of few prospects.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  When I wanted fudge.

“It is better to buy one really well made item, than two trashy ones.”   When I wanted to purchase some very trendy item with my baby-sitting money.

“Keep you hair out of your eyes, or someone might think you are an idiot.”  No possible clue why she thought this, but clearly she did not approve of the sixties’ hairstyles.

“It is easier to make your bed the minute you get up.”  Never mind that you drank three glasses of water in the night. No dashing to the bathroom first.

Free printable courtesy of
But mostly Mama was right about all the things she wanted for us and the voice I hear most clearly is, “You can do anything you really care about, Heather.  Just decide to do it!

And because I am introspective, I wonder about how my daughters hear my voice?

Will they stop up their ears and try to ignore that voice?  Or will they, like me, remember Mama with mixed feelings, awe at what I was able to do, and compassion for the things I was not so good at doing?  Will they tell stories about my strongly held misconceptions and a laugh with joy at happy memories?  Will they wish I had been a different kind of mother?  Will they learn from my sharp words to be careful with their children?  Will they remember my sitting up until they are home from some late night activity as they sit up waiting for their own teens?

And now, as I glance at the clock, I hear “hurry Heather” as the day and my Mama call me with things to do and places to see.

Hope your Mother's Day brings back memories of your own Mama or of the Mother's Days you celebrated with your children.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Back to the Beginning

Yikes, it is already March and I am just now beginning to plan for this summer's Harry Potter Camp.  Last summer we had several very disappointed kids because the camp filled up well before July.  This summer we will focus on The Sorcerer's Stone.
 Here is a link to the registration site if you have a young person in your life who loves Harry Potter and would like to spend six days immersed in magical classes at Hogwarts, heavily disguised as a muggle camp outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

To get into the spirit for camp, I have been working on Gryffindor Tower again.  The masonry work (really styrofoam blocks) is almost finished and will be painted to look like stones. Since my last post, I have cut many little pieces of mahogany wood strips for a new floor for the common room which certainly improved the look of the room. (What is it about hardwood floors?) Soon all the little beds I made will come out of storage along with the other furnishings.  

Awhile back, I signed up to get emails from Erika VanHorn, a miniature artist, whose work I greatly admire and became enchanted with this telescope she made as a special order for another Harry Potter enthusiast. 
   Can't you just see Dumbledore sitting here late at night gazing at the stars, when all the student's are long asleep?  For more photos of Erika's fabulous tiny creations, visit here

Sadly the price is much higher than I usually spend on myself, so though she can make one for me, I am hesitating.  I may have to be content with the little hanging armillary that I did order.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Not So Fond of Faux

The convenience of faux foliage cannot be denied.  It never dries out, turns brown or dies altogether and certainly we have come a long way from the ugly plastic flowers of my youth.  HOWEVER...when it comes to Christmas, I like the God made decor!  

Give me real tree even if the ones we cut on our property have holes and droopy branches that must be wired up to hold heavy ornaments.

 Very simply decorated this year since we will be spending Christmas with our daughter and her family.  Had to leave a tree for the house sitters, who are dear friends, however.

 Today I am working on transforming three ugly faux wreaths from Hobby Lobby bought for the second time three years ago. (That story at the end of this post!) I was looking for something that we could hang in the church on a huge blank wall in the sanctuary that would not be too heavy. They have to be hung sixteen feet in the air and we do not want to rent scaffolding to hang the wreaths.  The solution was to buy faux plastic wreaths and add real greens to hide the not so real look of the green plastic.  This considerably reduced the weight of an enormous (four and half feet across)  wreath of real greens.  

 The first year I made these for the church, I spent hours cutting pieces of wire to secure the greens to the faux wreath.  The second year, in a light bulb moment, I used two of the individual faux stems to twist around the real greens.  I twist one place on the base of the real steam and one at the top of the real stem to secure each of them.  I cut real stems about 12 inches long.  Be sure to work in the same direction hiding the new piece's cut stem under the top of the last cut stem.  

Not only do these look much better, they bring a wonderful fresh Christmas scent into the church.  

Now for the disaster story!  No these did not fall on anyone's head thank you very much.  However, I was late getting to church after Christmas when it was time to take these down.  Our maintenance guy very helpfully did it for me and threw the wreaths (forms and all) into the dumpster.  I had made three separate trips to Hobby Lobby to purchase these faux wreaths with 40% off coupons to reduce the price of $159.00 each.  The dumpster had already been emptied by the time I got to the church.  Do you blame me for driving around to try to find the garbage truck to retrieve them?  No luck.  I called the city to see if I could get them back and was told they would have been mashed beyond salvage as the truck was filled, and did I really want to dig through dirty diapers and rotten table scraps?  NOT that they would allow me to do it anyway because of liability issues.  So the next year, they had to be purchased again.  LESSONS LEARNED... 1. Do it yourself to be sure.  2. If you cannot do it yourself, be very specific in instructions to helpers. 3. Never be late.  (okay, I did not really learn the last one too well)

Christmas Services at St. Mark's, 431 Richmond NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Christmas Pageant & Festive Potluck
Sunday, December 17, 5 p.m.
*Worship Followed by Farolito Construction and Placement
Sunday, December 24, 9:30 a.m.
Christmas Eve Family Service
   (Children's Christmas Story)
Sunday, December 24, 5 p.m.
Candlelight and Choral Midnight Mass
Sunday, December 24, 10:30 p.m.  
*Carols, Kegs and Nog: A Festive Carol Sing and Potluck
Wednesday, December 27, 6-9 p.m.  

Saturday, April 1, 2017

You Will Never Know Where You Will Meet a Harry Potter Fan!

Today, I made a quick run to the nearest library to pick up The Velveteen Rabbit for use in my Sunday School Class tomorrow.  I am reading it to my Junior High class and if you are really interested in why add a comment below and I will explain.  Of course, the closest library to my house did not have a copy on the shelves so I had to go all the way into town to the next nearest to find it.  Having been shut in all day during a snow storm, it felt good to to be out of the house and I also stopped into Home Goods.  While in Home Goods, choosing small Easter Gifts for my five grandchildren, my phone rang.  

As I browsed, I was talking with my friend Julie who asked if I was still doing Harry Potter Camp because her grandson was now old enough to go. I must have been enthusing loudly because another shopper, asked me about Harry Potter Camp.  Over the darling bunny plates, I shared a few things with her about it.  Turns out she is a huge fan of Harry Potter, herself, and might join us for an evening of fun volunteering. 

Which reminded me to share the above flyer in case you have a special child in your life who would love to spend a week in the magical world of Harry Potter. But hurry, we have a limited number of spaces, and those are going fast because of an incredibly low registration fee.  (Hmm, I am sounding like one of those ads for wrinkle cream I kept getting in my email!)  Once you are at the site, look down to the bottom right for a tiny little button marked registration and cllck on it for the registration form.
Click on the tab at the top of this blog, titled "Harry Potter Camp" to see more, and imagine yourself using a port key to travel to Camp Stoney.  

My friend Diane and I have been having lots of fun planning activities for the Maze Challenge in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.  I especially like this idea, created by Matt Brocone for his new bride...

Image by Matt Brocone
The Wand has a magnet in order to pick up each of the little vials which also have a magnet.  Matt's Pensieve has memories of all the wonderful times he and his bride shared while courting.  In our version, we are using plastic test tubes holding a Bible verse about courage which the children will draw out as they enter the maze.  Before, they go in, they will write down a memory of what they have most feared and place them in the test tube. Later these will be burned at the ending Eucharist to remind us all that we can trust God with our fears. And yes, I glued a lot of little magnets on plastic test tubes yesterday!  And yes, there will be enough for the staff and volunteers to have one! 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Storing Memories in the Miniature World of Harry Potter

For several years, I have been thinking about how to create this in miniature...
As you might guess, I spend a lot of time online looking at miniatures and I came across this little cabinet...
 which I thought I might be able to transfigure into something a bit more elaborate.  First it needed to be gilded. And then I began to add some ornate elements made out of sculpey and beads.
The brooms and chocolate frogs will all be baked together.  The chocolate frogs are a much larger scale sized for an American Girl doll.
I could not get the sculpey to form a sharp point, so added beads to cap the arches.
Beginning to look like the inspiration photo!
Shopping for little glass vials to hold the memories made me wonder why I ever thought Dumbledore's office even needed this cabinet!  $6.00 to $8.00 dollars apiece stymied me for awhile.  Then, when I was cleaning out a drawer, I discovered a small package of replacement bulbs for a vintage set of Christmas lights...long ago thrown away.  Prying the bulbs out of their ugly green plastic holders and gluing them into silver beads made a pretty convincing little glass container.  Sadly, I neglected to determine that all the shelves in my cabinet were the same size and the top shelf was too short to hold these.  Thank goodness the glue was not yet set up and I pulled the bulbs back out and went in search of shorter beads.  No shorter beads but I did find some silver grommets that were just the right size.

I left the taller beads on the bottom vials since the wood part of the cabinet made raising the height of those important in order to be see with the doors closed.  

Altogether this was much easier than building the cabinet from scratch, and although not exactly a replica, I bet none of the children at Harry Potter camp this summer will know the difference! Although some obsessed Harry Potter fans might...

If any of you have an old set of Christmas tree lights (clear white) that you are planning to replace with LED's, I would love to have many more memory vials since the original cabinet had hundreds of vials.  My cabinet could hold 12 per shelf and I only have 9.  

Did I say Harry Potter Camp?
Shopping in Diagon Alley
Indeed I did.  Every summer for the past ten years, I have helped to organize and run a week long fantasy camp at Camp Stoney.  This year it will be during the Fourth of July week.  Camp Stoney is just a bit east of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It is for children from grades three through eight.  For more information visit
This is a Christian camp which includes worship and Bible study each day along with the magical world of Harry Potter re-created in props, plays, crafts, Quidditch, classes on potions, wand practice, care of magical creatures, divination (and yes, we talk about how only God really knows the future), astronomy, herbology, and runes.  The staff all wear costumes and play the parts of professors and prefects.  

One summer a younger camper came up to me at the end of the week and said, "Professor McGonagle, the lady they got to play you in the movie doesn't look a thing like you!"  Somewhat taken aback it took me a moment to respond, "Honey, you know that we have just been pretending this week?  I am not REALLY Professor McGonagle."  If only I could have stored all the memories of Camp Stoney more efficiently than just a few photos and my somewhat limited recall from weeks packed so full of fun and friendship.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gryffindor Great Room Update

In my last post, I showed
photos of the Great Room in it's beginning stages and then began to work on the fireplace.

 First I had to coat the fireplace with a primer paint developed for plastic, which I purchased at a hobby shop specializing in car and train models.  Now other paints and glues will stick to the plastic.

I wanted to add the Gryffindor crest to the mantel, so captured an image of it from the internet and resized it.  Then began to build it up with sculpey to make it three dimensional.
  I was surprised to find that the sculpey stuck pretty well to the paper after it was baked.  I just had to glue a few pieces back on.

Even with the crest, I thought the large expanse of the fireplace could use a little breaking up, so made a bit more decoration for it.
I also added a stone back wall and now need to go outside and gather some wood to build a fire!  I think a fire grate made from silver dragon charms or maybe gargoyles would be just the right touch, so will be searching for something the right scale next time I am in town. Oh, and I need to glue some of the marbles (really seed beads) from the box onto the Parcheesi board.

How many of you noticed that the crest is crooked?  I glued it on and went to bed.  It was straight when I put it on, but did not realize that my glue would not dry quickly and that weight and gravity would make it move.  Now it is firmly attached.  Wonder how much it will irritate me? And do I want to craft a whole new crest, because I am pretty sure will not survive being pried off?