Saturday, April 1, 2017

You Will Never Know Where You Will Meet a Harry Potter Fan!

Today, I made a quick run to the nearest library to pick up The Velveteen Rabbit for use in my Sunday School Class tomorrow.  I am reading it to my Junior High class and if you are really interested in why add a comment below and I will explain.  Of course, the closest library to my house did not have a copy on the shelves so I had to go all the way into town to the next nearest to find it.  Having been shut in all day during a snow storm, it felt good to to be out of the house and I also stopped into Home Goods.  While in Home Goods, choosing small Easter Gifts for my five grandchildren, my phone rang.  

As I browsed, I was talking with my friend Julie who asked if I was still doing Harry Potter Camp because her grandson was now old enough to go. I must have been enthusing loudly because another shopper, asked me about Harry Potter Camp.  Over the darling bunny plates, I shared a few things with her about it.  Turns out she is a huge fan of Harry Potter, herself, and might join us for an evening of fun volunteering. 

Which reminded me to share the above flyer in case you have a special child in your life who would love to spend a week in the magical world of Harry Potter. But hurry, we have a limited number of spaces, and those are going fast because of an incredibly low registration fee.  (Hmm, I am sounding like one of those ads for wrinkle cream I kept getting in my email!)  Once you are at the site, look down to the bottom right for a tiny little button marked registration and cllck on it for the registration form.
Click on the tab at the top of this blog, titled "Harry Potter Camp" to see more, and imagine yourself using a port key to travel to Camp Stoney.  

My friend Diane and I have been having lots of fun planning activities for the Maze Challenge in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.  I especially like this idea, created by Matt Brocone for his new bride...

Image by Matt Brocone
The Wand has a magnet in order to pick up each of the little vials which also have a magnet.  Matt's Pensieve has memories of all the wonderful times he and his bride shared while courting.  In our version, we are using plastic test tubes holding a Bible verse about courage which the children will draw out as they enter the maze.  Before, they go in, they will write down a memory of what they have most feared and place them in the test tube. Later these will be burned at the ending Eucharist to remind us all that we can trust God with our fears. And yes, I glued a lot of little magnets on plastic test tubes yesterday!  And yes, there will be enough for the staff and volunteers to have one!