Friday, May 30, 2014

A Half Day at Half Moon Bay and What Happened to May?

Off to the Beach
A Long, Long way.
Said S & C

The Wildlife Came Out to Play
So We Decide to Go Another Way.

To Find Another Way
We Climb the Bluff
That Overlooks the Bay.

At Last!
A Place for Girls
to Play.
 To Run About
And Maybe Shout.

To Sneak and Hide
This Side...that Side.

Beyond the trees
"What shall we see?"

A different kind of tree!
A Place to Climb
For You and Me!
At Last
A Different Sort of Beach
We Finally Reach

What's that out there?
A few more, I swear...
No need to grouse...
 It is their house!

It hard to say
We cannot stay
At Half Moon Bay.

But on the long way out
A few more things to be glad about!

It Was a Very Good Day
The Time We Spent at Half Moon Bay.