Miniature Hogwarts

Here are the links to my posts about the miniature Hogwarts I am creating...just for the fun of it!

Storing Memories in Miniature 

Gryffindor Great Room Update


Doll making in the World of Harry Potter

Creating the Chamber of Secrets


Building Hagrid's Hut

Building the Potions Lab- The start of this grand "Miniatures" obsession.

Making Miniature food for the Great Hall 

Trewlaney's Divination Classroom

Professor Sprouts Greenhouse

Pensieve Cabinet for Dumbledore's Office

Making Snape's Leather Chair

Dumbledore's Office

Making Dumbledore's Desk

Honeydukes Candy Shop

A Halloween Display in Honeydukes

Not part of Hogwarts, but miniatures as well, these were created to sell at the Hollyberry Fair at St. Mark's on the Mesa.
Tiny French Christmas Vignette  (Sold(
Traditional Red and Green Dessert Buffet Table
Another buffet table with holly dishes
Dessert Buffet Table (Sold)
Also sold were the Halloween Vignette from Honeydukes (see photo above), some of the ice mice, and all of the Gingerbread Houses I had made.  These sales support the children and youth programs at St. Mark's on the Mesa Episcopal Church.  I am having such fun making miniatures.  Check back in soon to see what else I add to Hogwarts!

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