Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Candy? Visit Honeydukes

With Halloween approaching, I am rushing to finish my miniature Honedukes Sweet Shop to use as part of my decorations. Too bad the children who will be Trick or Treating are not 6" tall with a taste for treats made from Sculpey...I have a lot of them!

French macaroons.
Orange creams
Christmas display
Candies and Cakes
The miniature cash register is actually a vintage pencil sharpener.
Ice Mice for Harry Potter Fans
In this photo you can see the upstairs which is the service area of the shop.  It has the kitchen (I temporarily borrowed the stove from Sara and Caroline's dollhou"commercial version) and the gift wrap section.
Close up of the gift wrap section
Close up of the kitchen
Noticeably missing are the chocolate frogs, Bernie Botts Ever Flavor beans and cotton candy.  They will be displayed in the not yet finished bay windows along with these little gingerbread houses...

 Also still need to install the checkerboard flooring on the second floor, and finish the exterior of the building. It is coming along!  For new readers, this is part of a much larger "Harry Potter Project" which is a fundraiser for Camp Stoney Scholarships.  Click on the Miniatures tab at the top of this blog to see more posts.


  1. I am seriously impressed!

  2. What a fabulous place!
    Thanks for reaching out to me, via Steve when I was in NM. Sorry it didn't work out, but I appreciate the thought.


  3. Wow Mom! You have been busy! Amazing!


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