Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fire on the Sandia Mountainside

 Last week was an anxious one as Evergreen Hills neighbors and I watched a wildfire burn about a mile away up on the mountainside. 
I noticed the smoke as I was leaving for the dedication of our Diocesan adult conference center set in the lovely Bosque off of Coors. I called our neighbors who have a key to ask if they were going to be home and would they gather up the dog and cat if there was an evacuation?  Assured that the animals would be safe, I still kept a close eye on the fire as it was visible from this valley location.  As I returned home that evening the fire was much more impressive...
Bernalillo sheriffs had closed our road and were only letting residents into the area.  Driving home, I wondered what the next day would bring and if I would be able to remember how to turn on the outdoor fire suppression system that Norm had been so busy installing before he left for a river trip.  He had the van, and Brittany and Colin had borrowed our trailer and were out of town for the weekend.  So I began to prioritize what I might be able to take with me in the car in case the fire spread and there was an evacuation. 
Photo taken by my friend Wendy Bali

The fire had grown to 20 acres by the next day and a team of firefighters had arrived.  Two helicopters were pouring water on the blaze.  The Zuni Hotshots were camped near the fire to assist the aerial assault.
Photo by Wendy Bali
 The fire is out now and we are all so grateful to the men and women who responded to this emergency.  It is hot, dangerous work.

 I am reflecting now on what is important to me.  I would never want young men and women to risk their lives for my "stuff".  Even those precious photographs that I was planning to carry with me.  I have so much in my life that is more important than my lovely antique furniture and my terrific house.  I know that I have been blessed and could live with only the memories if necessary.  Thank you to all of those would made it unnecessary for me to change my lifestyle and also for making me realize what is important in the end. 

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