Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pastel Show

Thought I would show you a few snapshots of some of the art work currently showing at St. Mark's Sacred Arts Gallery...
Fall in Brazos County - Robert Blagg

Afternoon Sun - Audrey Mindard

In the Wave - Laura Crew
Gwendolyn Wilemon
Sorry, don't have the artist's name in any of my notes!
Morning Shimmer - Gwen Wilemon
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Grand Canyon Desert View - Barbara Garrett
Sweet Carrots - Constance Gehring
Aspens in the Fall - Constance Gehring

Waiting for the Cranes - Gwen Wilemon
Fawn Lakes - Gwendolyn Wilemon

 Please excuse the poor quality of the photos which I took.  I need to take some lessons from my daughter over at the Vintique Object.  I am sure there are some tricks to taking photographs of artwork that is framed with glass.  I always photograph my work before framing so that I don't get reflections...especially from the flash.  There was not enough natural light today to avoid either using the spotlights or my flash, hence all those annoying white spots!  My apologies to those artists whose work is not shown here.  It is not that I did not love your pieces, but my lack of photography skills...those photos were too terrible to post!

Here is a list of the artists and some contact information is you would like to see more of their work.
Donna Aldrich -
Robert W. Blag -
Susan Cooper -
Laura Crew - 
Barbara Garrett -
Constance Gerhing
Audery Minard - 
Gwendolyn Wilemon -


  1. That first one looks almost like a batik.

  2. Beautiful work! I love the fish.


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