Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nippy at Night

While it remains hot, hot, hot, in Albuquerque, up here on the mountainside, the evenings are turning cooler, sometimes down into the fifties.  When we have guests for dinner, I haul out the basket of shawls and offer them around...

The hand knitted one on the left was lovingly created by my friend, Betsy from wool she purchased at a trading post on the way home from one of our river trips.

 The native asters are blooming....
 The pansies are perking back up...

And so am I.  The cool air makes me want to paint again...

 My friend, Wendy, joined me for the day.  She had fun painting a lion based on a photo she took while in Africa.  

She and her husband spend part of every summer at their bed and breakfast which they started to begin funding a school for children with autism.  More about that later.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Weeks of Fun in Idaho

 Norm's fun...
"Rapids are a little scary today, maybe I will just fly!"

 Heather's Fun...

Beautiful scenery

Friends doing some of the cooking

Watching other people jump off of high places!

Friends clowning around

Hot springs

Happy Husband in the hot spring!


Hanging out with my youngest daughter