Saturday, October 6, 2012

Colorado Colors

Last week we traveled to Colorado to raft the Green River starting at the Gates of Ladore.  Fall is a lovely time in this beautiful country.  As usual, we were late getting off, so no time to stop and take photos, but here are a few out the window of the van as we drove north through Santa Fe, and Espanola, turning west towards Abiqui, then north again through Ojo Caliente, past Elk Mountain into Colorado.  Then east a bit to Alamosa, home of my college friend Chrissy Caton and her very large brood of children and grandchildren. No time to stop and visit this trip!  

On through Buena Vista where the Arkansas river tempts many boaters to run class four and, if you dare, class five rapids and on to the very quaint town of Leadville which in the hey day of mining operations had its own opera house.  We passed by many "14'ers" which are mountains topping out at 14,000 ft. or more where the clouds were depositing snow in the last days of September!

The aspens are turning and there were a few spots of red as well.  The colors are not as spectacular as some years because of the lack of rain, but still pretty impressive!
Sorry about the mirror, Ford Sportsmobile's have enormous ones to offset the lack of visibility in a camper van.
Don't try to enlarge this one or you will see all the squashed bugs on the window shield!

Drop by tomorrow and I will show you a baby Big Horn Sheep, a water snake, and some photos of the spectacular Green River.  

If you are in Albuquerque, click here for information about the new pastel show hanging in the St. Mark's Sacred Arts Gallery.

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