Monday, November 19, 2012

Old Fashioned Christmas Bazaar Provides Funds for Program

Over the weekend there were many craft shows and bazaars taking place in Albuquerque.  Even with the economy struggling folks everywhere are finding a way to raise funds for cherished programs.  My favorite cause is the children and youth programs at St. Mark's and I was delighted to participate in the venerable Holly Berry Fair which was started by the women of St. Mark's over sixty years ago!

In those days, all the women worked for a year to make hand knitted sweaters, embroidered tea towels, pillows, fire starters, baby things, decorated pillows, etc.  Hundreds of enchilada lunches were served  Over the years, many of the women became too old to continue to keep the Fair thriving and the younger women who might have taken their places needed take jobs to help support their families.  For a time, the Fair was discontinued.

Of course St. Mark's was going through many changes and challenges at that time.  As part of our renaissance recovery, the Fair has been resurrected.  Though changed in format and sadly without the enchiladas we are still selling handcrafted items.

 There were seventeen artists selling their creations this year and we hope to expand the show next year.  There may even be enchiladas! 

Below are a few of the things I sold...
 Somehow I neglected to take a photo of the chair of our Fine Arts committee, Allen Lowery and his wonderful paintings!  However, I did buy one of them and will show you that work in a future postKudos to him for contacting the artists, organizing the show and doing the lion's share of the set-up with our equally wonderful building manager, who donated a fabulous hand carved angel which netted $200. at the silent auction!  No photo yet of the angel, but soon...Paul is distantly related to the Ben Ortega family.  Ben taught Paul to carve when he was a very young man and Paul continues this art form as do many members of the Ortega family.

Also notably missing is a photo of Raven, pie chef extraordinaire who kept us highly entertained with her musical laugh and stories, and somehow made us believe that pie for breakfast and lunch was perfectly acceptable. 
Raven Gale Ann Rutherford-West who owns Blk Bird Pies in the Nob Hill area makes the most wonderful pies I have ever eaten.  She sells them at the Nob Hill Growers market and at arts and crafts shows as well.  Need a sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving?  Call Raven at 505-850-6725.
Here is photo of the blackberry pie I brought home....

  Raven's heart is even bigger than her laugh and you can taste the love baked into these all natural ingredient pies.  
Update: Steve at An Urban Cottage asked in his comment below, how the crust was made.  He is correct, Raven uses the trimmings from the bottom of the pies to make the top crust.  Saves time on production baking and looks fabulous as well.  Especially on fruit pies where you want to see the fruit.  I may never roll my top crust again!

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  1. Looks like some really good stuff. I love handmade bowls, just a little imperfect.

    Tell us about the crust on this amazing looking pie. Is it shards of pie crust on the top? It looks so beautiful!


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