Thursday, November 29, 2012

Miniature Hogwarts Update

Just a quick update on the Great Hall for those of you interested in my miniature obsession.  

Michael's Arts & Crafts store has been having some incredible sales recently.   I have had my eye on Christmas trees for the Great Hall, but $12.00 each was way beyond my budget.  This week they were fifty percent off + another 20% coupon.  Ye ha! The great hall is being decorated for Christmas after all.  I am also making some ice sculptures for the Yule Ball, but that will not happen before Christmas.  My goal is to have the Great Hall finished in time for a miniature show in February.  In order to make that deadline I am going to have to learn to use a dremel saw, because I want to actually carve some Tudor style beams to support the roof.

                   Brittany is lending me her dremel tool for the project.

Also, at the Dollar Store, I found some potion bottles.  Well, they began life as nail art bottles, but will be transfigured by some little labels and their little white stoppers will have some beads added to dress them up a bit. 

As Snape's potion lab is going to be raffled off as a fund raiser, I will probably end up creating another one for Hogwarts, so that will need lots more bottles.  These were $1.00 for eight of them!  Beats the heck out of making multiple trips to Hobby Lobby and Michaels with 40% off coupons in hand to purchase four bottles for $1.99!  If you are planning a miniature Halloween scene for next year, these would be perfect!  Plus you can decorate your nails in the interim to get rid of the garish glitter and fill them with creepier ingredients.

Wondering where I have been since my last post ten days ago?  My thrifty soul has been horrified that I have reached my Google 1 GB quota for photo storage and I have been trying to delete things rather than paying for more that possible?  So far no luck, so I am considering signing up for more storage and, GASP!, paying a monthly fee.  What do all of you do? NOW I understand why bloggers have advertising on their pay Google!


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  1. You're the second person I've heard talk about having to pay for more storage space. I'm shocked I haven't had to do that yet!

    I export my photos from iPhoto as medium-sized which SIGNIFICANTLY reduces their size so perhaps that's saved me. I'll have to investigate how much space I've used. I didn't even know there was a limit.


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