Saturday, September 1, 2012

Patil twins rushed to Infirmary

Trewlaney's Divination Classroom via

Headmaster Dumbledore has announced that Padma and Parvati Patil's recent asthma attack has prompted Mr. and Mrs. Patil to donate new table coverings and draperies to their twin daughter's favorite divination classroom.  Professor Trewlaney is overjoyed because she "predicted" long ago that she would be surrounded by a green and aqua aura.  She was, however, very unhappy when the house elves threw out all of her dusty feathers.  Madam Pomfrey insisted they were contributing to the Patil's problems.  The lingering smell of incense is all that remains of the old atmosphere.

 Here is a look at the newly decorated classroom...
Down in the old dungeons of the castle, the expanded potions lab is almost finished. Stone masons have been imported to finish the walls, new Bunsen burners are being manufactured and Snape has moved back into his office.  He is especially delighted with his newly upholstered chair, although not amused when he almost sat on his demonstration skeleton which the Weasley twins had left in it.
Notice the dime on the table to establish scale.

Toothpicks, washers and balsa wood will soon be tiny Bunsen Burners.
A little paint touch-up and they will be ready for the cauldrons.


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  2. You crack me up, Heather! I loved seeing your entry at the fair and following the Hogwarts construction on you blog. I sent the link to Leslie who has always wanted to live there.


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