Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Best of Times

If you enjoyed the post "Road Trips", or if you were a teenager in the 50's or 60's, you might get a kick out of this YouTube post my friend Molly forwarded to me.
click below:
The Best of Times 

As Molly pointed out, it goes on and on, but I would at least hang in there until the clip of Elvis performing "Jailhouse Rock.  Lots of great old cars as well as the music my youth. 

And speaking of youth, I delivered my "Dumbledore's Office" miniature creation to the New Mexico State Fair on Saturday.  For all of you living in New Mexico, if you go to the State Fair over the next two weeks, I would love to hear about your experiences.  And be sure to look for my entry in the "Creative Arts" Building.  If you see lots of Lego creations, you are getting close.

It was fun to watch all the hopeful young boys and girls entering their Lego
creations and they were pretty amazing.  Here are some images from last years competition
Image via
Image via
Since this is my first entry, I had no idea what to expect.  I certainly did not expect to have my carefully constructed exhibit shake itself to pieces on the dirt road from my house down the mountain!

Fortunately, I had brought double sided tape to attach the last piece of plexiglass after putting the miniature Dumbledore's office in its place, and some superglue (which I ended up needing to repair the chandelier that swung wildly, hitting the walls with every rut in the road), and my sister (who went with me for moral support) had some sticky wax.  So all repairs were made once we unloaded the office and carried into the building.  All the folks running the check-in were so nice, even if a little confused about which was the best category for my exhibit.  

 Photo very early in the construction stages
Finely, one was decided upon and I nervously left it in the hands of the volunteer fair crew, hoping nothing else would fall off of the bookshelves and it would be safely transferred to its final location.  
Many more books were added to this bookshelf.
Another picture of the early stages of construction...a portrait of Dumbledore replaced the painting over the table.
On Wednesday when the Fair opens, I will go and take more photographs of the completed projects.  Cannot believe I neglected to do so before dropping it off.
Now if this desk chair was still at my house, I would shrink myself and collapse into it!  Which is exactly what I was told when arriving at the Creative Arts Building.  One of the volunteers exclaimed, "Wow, wish I was small enough to live there!"

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