Saturday, September 15, 2012

Grand Canyon Art Show

"Looking In" by Joshua Been   Image Via
Thanks to my friend Celia Southwick, a fellow rafter and an artist in her own right...(see her photographs here), for sending me a link to this benefit art show for the Grand Canyon Association.  

4th Annual
Grand Canyon Celebration of Art
September 8 - November 25, 2012

This week is the annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art at the South Rim. About thirty of the best painters of the Canyon from across the US are invited to do plein air painting at the Canyon, including former AZRA boatman Elizabeth Black, who won the Best of Show last year! The artists are painting along the South rim through Thursday. Elizabeth is painting in the Canyon, working from Indian Gardens. (She had to get closer to the River.) Friday morning is the Quick Draw, where the artists have to paint a view in two hours, immediately followed by a lively auction of the wet paintings on the lawn of the El Tovar. Saturday morning the show of all the work opens at the Kolb Studio-Gallery. It is an amazing, wonderful experience to behold. Look for Elizabeth's painting of Blacktail Canyon in the show. This is all open to the public. It is fascinating to watch the paintings magically emerge from the canvas, with the Canyon behind them. Artists are happy to answer questions as they work. The show at Kolb's will be open to November 25. There is more information at:

As many of you know, the Colorado river is the subject of many of my watercolor paintings as well, since my husband and I have rafted through the Grand Canyon almost every year for many years.  Perhaps, I will try to enter this juried show next year.  In the meantime, enjoy these other artist's work...

"The Great Unconformity, Blacktail Canyon" by Elizabeth Black
"Out of the Depths" by John D. Cogan
Lapping Waves of the Colorado by Cody DeLong
To see the rest of the show click here


  1. Heather! I am really loving your blog, seeing folks I know or don't know yet, and seeing yours and others artwork! FUN! Linda Holt

    1. So glad you have joined up! Haven't been posting as frequently. How does life get so busy? How is Gary doing?


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