Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Flowers and Foliage in the House

I have tried to grow Dahlias for years.  They always struggled and died in our harsh, dry, climate until this year when I planted them in pots and grew them on the deck that is shaded in the afternoons.  Finally!  These are arranged in a brass pot that I feel sure my parents bought in Morocco and sent to one of my uncles.  I placed it on my fall tablecloth with brass candlesticks that belonged to my godfather and uncle, Ben.

 Because my table is so long, it looked a little lonesome, so I added magenta Coleus and yellow Soldago in little crystal vases.  Thought those of you on the East coast might like to see the magenta colored fruits from the cactus that grow around our house, which I will turn into syrup to add to lemonade.

I am linking today with Jane's "Flowers in the House" Party at her Small but Charming blog.

Head on over there to see some gorgeous posts by her followers and her own cuttings from her lovely garden.  Click on the word "blog" above.


  1. Congratulations on your dahlias, they are stunning. Love the way they look in the Moroccan container. Your table looks very pretty in those fally colors.

  2. I'm a sucker for both dahlias and brass, so the combination of the two really knocked me out.

    Is that a prickly pear cactus? Are you gong to post a recipe for the syrup?


    Thanks for having us over.

    xo Jane

  3. Your dahlias are magnificent and look so wonderful in the brass container. A lovely table setting!

  4. Very happy for you. These are lovely dahlias!

  5. I love that vase with the slightly shaggy dhalias...they go so well with your tablecloth.

  6. Good idea to do them in pots so they can get babied. It worked out perfectly. I've never had dahlias so nice.


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