Friday, August 17, 2012

Fantasy, Foamcore, and Fun...AND A CONTEST!

Dumbledore's office is almost complete!  

It needs a lot more little books to fill in the shelves of his library. 

The little chandelier needs to be hung... 

Finishing the phoenix for the bird stand is a priority because Fawkes is so important to the story...

Still need to print and frame the portraits of former headmasters.
Portraits I cot out of an old art book which I intended to use before finding the great images below on line.

And I haven't yet figured out how to make the cabinet for the Pensieve.

Here is a photo of a fabulous Pensieve that a crafter made and was selling on Esty.  It is sold (thank heavens since I am not married to Bill Gates or anyone else that would not question $175 for one miniature item for my Hogwarts.)

My version of the pensieve

Contest Details:  The first person to identify what the blue part of the Pensieve was originally used for wins a set of six miniature silver goblets.  You may either use the comment box below or send me an email.

Set of six miniature silver goblets could be yours!. 1-12" scale.

Clearly the fantasy part of this post is the World of Harry Potter.  I confess to being a fan!  Every summer I am transfigured into Professor Minerva McGonagle for the Harry Potter camp at Camp Stoney.  Too bad, I cannot actually make myself a different size so that I could sit at Dumbledore's desk.

The Foamcore part of this post is the primary construction material used for this project.  You can paint it, press designs into it, cut it with an exacto knife (only a very sharp new blade works, however) and glue it together with white glue.  Because my project will be several stories tall, I did glue some wood support posts here and there to give it extra rigidity. 

 And the fun?  Self-explanatory to my artist friends!

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