Thursday, August 9, 2012

One Things Leads to Another in a Small, Small World

My sister, Rosalind gave me a box of miniature slate tiles for the front porch of the dollhouse.  Rats, not enough!  Casting about for a way to use them, I arranged them on a piece of cardboard. Still not enough...

So I looked for a mosaic to use for the center and (gasp!) cut it out of one of my art books.  Okay, here is a floor, but it still doesn't fit in the dollhouse, but it is very cool.  How could I use it?  Maybe a Hogwarts miniature potions classroom.  So better make some walls...rock perhaps to go with the slate?

And, of course, more Byzantine art work to fill the arched doors.

How did I make the stones?   With a foam meat tray.  These are from Costco and held wild salmon. Yum!  Unfortunately, after washing, they still smelled a little of fish, so I re-washed them with Dr. Bonner's Peppermint Soap which I use for hand soap, to wash clothes on river trips, and anything else that smells really bad.  We buy it by the gallon and refill all our containers.  
Available at REI and most drugstores.  Also comes in Lavender. 

Cut off the edges so you have a flat piece.  Then draw the stones by pressing firmly with the end of a paint brush.

Then paint it to match your decor.  I chose gray to go with the slate.  It would look even better if you filled the lines with grout.  However I was anxious to get on with "stuff" for the potions classroom.

Here is the room...
The flash make the walls look blue, but they are really gray.  Don't you love the little mini skeleton which I picked up at the Dollar Store as part of a garland.  Think that Michael's and Hobby Lobby carry them as well.  Or if you can't find one, email me and I will send you one of the five left on the garland.

And the room with laboratory "stuff"...
I have not been able to find much in the way of miniature supplies in Albuquerque, but here are my sources...

Potion Bottles - Hobby Lobby
Miniature books - Hobby Lobby
Small scale balsa to make the shelves - Hobby Lobby
Jewelry findings - Michael's
Small chess pieces, chest, table and owl - Vintage Market and Design on Lomas.
I have picked up a few other items for future projects as well. 

I am still searching for the perfect little Snape's doll to keep order in this vignette.  If you know of a doll maker who could help, let me know.

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  1. Wow, Mom. This is incredibly impressive -- and creative. I'm almost at a loss for words!


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