Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beauxbaton Academy of Magic and Durmstrang School of Wizardry Arriving!

Professor Snape has complained to the Hogwarts's architect (that would be me) that his potions classroom could not possibly handle the imminent influx of students when pupils from the Beauxbaton Academy of Magic and the Durmstrang School of Wizardry join the Hogwarts Student body for the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

So the house elves are busy at demolition to expand the potions classroom into the adjacent chamber.  Professor Snape was preparing his syllabus in the Great Hall, when much to his annoyance and everyone's, Neville, who is spending the summer at Hogwarts, once again let his cauldron overflow. Snape has informed Neville that he might consider giving up Potions altogether.

Meanwhile at Hogwarts, the new greenhouse for Professor Sprout is almost complete after the unfortunate incident involving a plant that exhibited a decided preference for wood rather than it's usual meat.  No one realized it was eating the support posts until one side of the greenhouse collapsed.  Here is a sneak preview of the new greenhouse
Most of the plants died when their pots broke and no one discovered the devastation for two days.  Fortunately two of the baby mandrakes survived.   Professor Sprout is recovering nicely from her hysteria.  Chocolate was administered immediately for shock.  Neville has volunteered to help restore order.  Check back soon to see the greenhouse fill up... as plant cuttings begin to arrive by Owl Post.

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