Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gryffindor Great Room Update

In my last post, I showed
photos of the Great Room in it's beginning stages and then began to work on the fireplace.

 First I had to coat the fireplace with a primer paint developed for plastic, which I purchased at a hobby shop specializing in car and train models.  Now other paints and glues will stick to the plastic.

I wanted to add the Gryffindor crest to the mantel, so captured an image of it from the internet and resized it.  Then began to build it up with sculpey to make it three dimensional.
  I was surprised to find that the sculpey stuck pretty well to the paper after it was baked.  I just had to glue a few pieces back on.

Even with the crest, I thought the large expanse of the fireplace could use a little breaking up, so made a bit more decoration for it.
I also added a stone back wall and now need to go outside and gather some wood to build a fire!  I think a fire grate made from silver dragon charms or maybe gargoyles would be just the right touch, so will be searching for something the right scale next time I am in town. Oh, and I need to glue some of the marbles (really seed beads) from the box onto the Parcheesi board.

How many of you noticed that the crest is crooked?  I glued it on and went to bed.  It was straight when I put it on, but did not realize that my glue would not dry quickly and that weight and gravity would make it move.  Now it is firmly attached.  Wonder how much it will irritate me? And do I want to craft a whole new crest, because I am pretty sure will not survive being pried off?

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