Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dollmaking in the Miniature world of Harry Potter

Professor Sprout is now dressed and ready to be installed in the Miniature Greenhouse I created several years ago.  

Sprout is one of the four dolls that I made out of sculpey.  Her legs and arms can be positioned at the hip and shoulders, but I wish that I had jointed them at the elbows as well.  I am learning as I go!  All she needs is some darker eyebrows and the little tatted collar that is being created by a friend, Donna.  My friend, Barb, who is a wonderful creative quilter, helped to finish the dress after I made a mess of it.  She carefully removed the sleeves, trimmed them and then appliqued them back onto the dress, showing me how to use fray check to keep the fabric from coming apart, and a glue stick to hold things in place while sewing since God did not see fit to gift us with four or five hands!  Using some of these techniques, it was much easier to dress Professor Snape. Here is Professor Snape almost naked.  I sculpted him anatomically correct, but since some of my Sunday School class will be seeing this blog, I have added a modesty piece of fabric for this photo.  You will notice his arms are missing.  That is because it is much easier to dress a doll without the arms and then slide the arms up into the sleeve and over the wires. Either the sleeves are tight enough after the wrists are sewn together to keep them in place or if the sleeves are loose, you can get a syringe up inside to glue the sculpey arms to the wires.  I have not yet baked Snapes arms, and I have decided to joint them at the elbows with wire to that I can position them more realistically.
His pants will go on first, and then these leather pieces will be glued over to the pants and feet to make the boots.  The soles are made of black Sculpey. 

 Here you can see the boots, pants, vest, and clock. His collar is made from a small white ribbon glued around his neck.
Checking to see how Snape looks standing.
 Now we add his hair.  I had some very black straight doll hair, but it was hard to work with and looked a bit harsh, so (shh, don't tell) I cut a chunk from my own hair to wig Snape. 
 Now he need his arms glued onto the wires.

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