Saturday, May 7, 2016

Building Hagrid's Hut

It has been a couple of years since I have worked on the miniature Hogwarts castle that I began to share my sister's passion for miniatures.  She died almost three years ago, and I realized that a lot of the fun went out of the process without her However, the upcoming Harry Potter Camp at which I play Professor McGonable,  a recent purchase of a number of miniature figures from a fabulous vendor on Ebay, most notably Hagrid, has inspired me to work on it again.
Photo by Ebay seller, Roberta at seashells_santas

Hagrid is by far the best artisan created piece that I own.  Not only did the artist capture his likeness, the clothing is beautifully sewn as well.  Unfortunately, the doll is not signed and the original collector did not provide the artist's name, but I have contacted the seller to see if she can provide it.  Update:  Doing a little research online, I discovered the artist who made my Hagrid.  Her name is Teresa Dudley and more of her work can be seen here

I did not purchase the room box, just the contents to add to my in-progress Hogwarts.  However, after placing most of the dolls, furniture, and accessories here and there in Hogwarts' rooms, I decided that Hagrid needed his hut and have begun to construct it.  Yes, even before finishing the castle itself!  Why do a lot of creative people start a new project before finishing the last one? In my case, I am reluctant to start Hogwarts' exterior finishes because I have never worked with paper clay before.  But I will do it one of these days...

In the meantime, here are the beginnings of Hagrid's Hut.

For inspiration, I looked at images online. 

 This one from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be the one from which I will work.


 I did make the windows much larger so that viewers could see into the hut from several directions. 

Foamcore is much easier to work with than wood since I don't have a table saw. I purchased the wood circle from Lowes to give the somewhat fragile hut a good foundation.

Glad I did not get rid of my wood carving tools from years past when I did some woodblock prints, because I decided to carve Hagrid's initial on the doors.  

I mocked up the interior with furniture to decide where the windows and doors should be placed.

 Notice the ceiling beams.  Not yet set into the walls, but very necessary from which to hang the multiple cages, and other gamekeeper equipment that Hagrid stores in his hut. Not to mention the lighting.

Hagrid checking out his new digs.

Next up, exterior stone walls, interior stucco, staining the wood floors, doors, window frames and bed, building a stone hearth with wood box underneath to increase the size of the too small fire place, building a loft to store more "stuff," making cages and crates to hold "beasts" which are still to be made from Sculpey, Sculpey pumpkins to feed Buckbeak, and of course food for beasts and wizard's alike.

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