Monday, June 18, 2012

Back to the Muggle World

Re-entry to the Muggle World after a week of magic is a little bit of a let-down.  No adrenaline rush as we madly set up for the next event.  No awe stuck little witches and wizards demanding another Quidditch match.  No late night laughing with the other professors as we reviewed the day and evaluated how to do things better next year.  However, my own bed was heavenly and I slept to an unheard of 8:30 a.m. this morning.  If you are a Harry Potter Fan, as I clearly am, you can find photos of camp on Facebook.

My garden survived well with Norm doing the watering.  This morning I will be planting a lot of annuals from seed.  They are very late going into their beds since I was an extremely busy professor McGonagle during the month of May gathering arts and crafts supplies, props, sets, etc. for camp before leaving for our trip to Glacier Bay in Alaska.  Speaking of our trip to Alaska, I am not too fond of heights and was slightly terrified flying from Gustavus to Juneau through the mountains with our wing tips only a few yards from the sides of the mountain tops with a storm approaching in a four-seat plane.
Front of plane as we head into the pass.  Inside, I am screaming...higher! higher!  Proud that I did not scream it out loud.  After all Professor McGonagle was a seeker on her Quidditch team in her youth.

On returning from camp, I was delighted to discover my new subscription to Organic GardeningFeatured in it are our hosts at the Gustavus Inn, Dave and JoAnn Lesh in an article titled "Northern Exposure."  Sadly, you cannot access this article on-line which is why I bought a subscription. Because we are at such a high elevation, our growing season is very short, so I am picking up some tips from this article.  Dave and JoAnn recycle almost everything from their commercial kitchen including the heads and bones from the salmon they serve, into the bear proof compost pile.  If you missed my posts about our trip, you can find some of them here
and here.

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