Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scuba or Snorkel?

Dawn from our little house on the beach.

Which would you choose?  For me scuba diving was not an option since I was never able to learn to equalize the pressure in my ears, but I just love to snorkel.  When we were in Belize, we took a boat to Off the Wall Dive Resort to spend a week in paradise...with a little "p" since we all survived encounters with enormous nurse sharks, Moray eels, lobsters as large as a two year old human, barracudas that found us more interesting than we did them, and an eagle ray that lazily circled me three times before heading off to feed (thankfully) somewhere else.  I do not have an underwater camera, but will post photos soon by my friends, Sarah and Betsy.
Dive Master, Matthew
Friend, Joanne and scuba instructor, Bev
Betsy and Joanne gearing up

Most of our group geared up for two dives a day with dive master, Matthew and off they went outside the atoll into the open water, with boat captain, Junior dropping them exactly over the dive site of the day.  While they were gone, the rest of us snorkeled off the shore, took naps, used the kayaks or sailboards, watched the hermit crabs in their borrowed shells, scurry about their busy scavenging, or taught the staff to watercolor (me).   

When the  scuba divers returned, Matthew took us out to the inside reefs to snorkel each day.  

On our return, we washed the salt off in these beautiful outdoor showers...

 And spent a little time lounging before dinner.....
Sarah and Bob ignoring the ospreys raising a ruckus (and two chicks) immediately to their right.   

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  1. Having trouble containing my travel envy....So beautiful! Snorkel, definitely, for me; Gwen however is counting down the days and hours until she's old enough to get certified to dive. They'll certify kids as young as 8, I hear, but I won't let her until she's at least 14.

    I know you are having a great time, so I won't say anything trite, like "Enjoy!" :-)


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