Friday, May 24, 2013

One Annoyed Cook!

As promised, here is another peek into the tiny world of Rosalind's colonial Williamsburg dollhouse.

The cook's nose is out of joint.  She is highly offended that her master thought her cooking would not meet the standards of the visiting Marquis de Lafayette and ordered petit fours, macaroons, and confections from the newly opened French bakery.  Lydia has outdone herself by creating Swan Meringues and her justifiably famous crown roast to prove that "Americans can cook, thank you very much!"

Really wishing to dump the petit fours, confections and macaroons into the privy, Lydia doesn't want to risk a beating, so sets them on the buffet reluctantly.

Guessing from Lydia's glower that she is upset, the mistress sits pondering what might be done to mollify her much appreciated cook.  She promises that Lydia will be rewarded for making a lovely dinner for the Marquis.  Lydia is delighted with the gingham material the mistress gives to her and promptly makes some curtains for her bare window and her sister's as well.

Lydia's Room
Lydia is secretly pleased that the mistress is teaching her to read, although she doesn't tell the other slaves for fear of jealousy.  

Sarai's Room

Her sister Sarai sleeps next door and is a master spinner and weaver.  All of the slaves' clothing is made by Sarai. In the winter Sarai shares her room with several other slaves which mean that Lydia must hide her books in the trunk. Not that there is much time for reading in the winter as no one wastes candles on slave bedrooms.  Both sisters are grateful that their skills afford them the status of well furnished rooms even if they are stifling in the summer and freezing in the winter.  Lydia, however, does not linger long admiring her new curtains, because there are 17 field hands to be fed at noon, and the pantry to be cleaned...

Not to mention chasing down that lazy ten year old Jed, who laid the fire without sweeping up the coals and ashes from yesterday!

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