Sunday, June 23, 2013

Colorado Wildflowers in the House

On Sunday we celebrated my granddaughter, Eliza's, first birthday in Colorado at my daughter and son-in-law's house.  This New Mexican was enchanted by the fields of wildflowers around their house and I took scissors in hand and a bucket and went foraging for flowers for the party. Two parties that is....I am joining Jane's Flowers in the House  blog party.  Click on over to see lots more lovely flowers.

Multiple Vases were filled...but the flower we liked the best was the bright faced birthday girl!
 The cake made by her Auntie "B"


  1. Such gorgeous bouquets and also your grand daughter is so sweet. I love the lupins.... I never seem able to grow them here.

  2. Wow, this post is a meadow filled with wonderfullness.

    I love each and every bouquet, their containers, and that bathroom sink.

    Oh and of course the birthday girl.


    xo Jane

  3. It looks like you had a big job. I never would have expected to see lupines in the wild out there. I think of Maine when I see wild lupines.

    Love the little ladybug cupcakes! I would love one.

  4. So pretty and arranged to perfection. What a cutie pie birthday girl... Everyone's favorite ladybug!

  5. Lovely flowers - and such a pretty birthday girl! Fab cake! We have a grand-daughter, Tilly, who just turned one. A lovely age! Abby

  6. Yay, yay, another poster in Colorado!
    Welcome, neighbor ... Bienvenidos, vecina!
    Your sunflowers are way ahead of mine
    but we have some lovely Columbines, yarrow
    and roses working. if youre visiting in Denver metro, hope
    you will visit Denver's fabulous Botanic Gardens
    (9th and York Sts in town). Diane in Denver


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