Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Next Best Thing to Being a Cowgirl...Knowing One

As a child I loved horses, learned to ride at all the stables on the air bases where my Dad was stationed, and wanted to grow up to be a cowgirl.  I thought this a reasonable goal even though I lived most of my childhood far from the ranch.  What ranch?  Well the Huston ranch between Hobbs and Lovington, New Mexico owned by friends of my grandparents.  Every summer, the highlight of my sometimes short and sometimes weeks long visits to my grandparent's house would include at least one visit to the ranch.  One memorable summer included a round-up of calves.  And why do you round up calves?  Well... to brand them and, horrors, neuter the males.  I was told that the bits that were cut off was considered quite a delicacy by the wranglers.  Fortunately no one offered me any.  

This somewhat dampened my ardor to be a cowgirl, but at least I still knew one!  Sally Huston (now Seed) was my idol at that age.  Smart, funny, had great clothes, rode horses, was in college and lived on a ranch! Sally was no country girl, however.  She was and is sophisticated and cultured with a wonderful taste in contemporary artwork.  Her hot pink upholstered couch layered with a brilliantly hued throw, made me dream of using such vibrant colors when I eventually had my own house to decorate.

I still like cowgirls.  So perhaps, I can talk my husband into taking me to Santa Fe on Friday to see my neighbor Aimee Hoyt, who will be performing at 
 I just happen to also love BBQ!  I have not sampled the Cowgirl's BBQ, so cannot yet recommend it, but will let all you all know if it is good, if indeed we do end up going.

 Aimee plays and sings with The Bootleg Prophets and will also be performing in Silver City at the

5th Annual Pickamania! Sept. 13-15, 2013

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