Friday, March 28, 2014

Painting in the Grand Canyon - Day Two

We are finally rigged and floating down the canyon.  The most frustrating part of a raft trip is that you cannot paint fast enough to capture the scenery as you row down the river so you must wait for a hiking break, a lunch stop, or an early day stop at camp, but meanwhile, I hurriedly take my camera from its watertight case to snap a few reference photos for future paintings.

   The first major sighting of wild life occurred just four miles down the river at Navajo Bridge where several pair of endangered condors are making the canyon their home with a convenient high "perch" provided by the bridge....

Looking down, I found another flying creature hitch hiking on a dry bag.  This would not be the last of the unasked guests on the trip.

Peter and Vickie...still smiling after 15 miles of rowing.

Setting up the kitchen at Soap Creek Camp

And the quick sketch I made of this view while dinner was being prepared by the Idaho guys....


  1. Nice sketch. Do you actually have to row or could to go along for the ride and enjoy the scenery?

  2. That sketch is beautiful, Mom. I love how loose it feels.


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