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Fergus and Merribelle, Sandia Mountain Fairies

Below you will find a transcribed letter from Fergus and Merribelle, forest fairies, who visit our house in the summers when our grandchildren are in residence.  Although I have tried to photograph them, they are very shy about having portraits made, but here is image that looks a lot like a young Fergus...

The Pear Blossom Fairy

Thu, February 4, 2010

Embroidered by Annisa Lam

Dear Sara,Caroline and Eliza 

We received Sara and Caroline's letter today.  It went to our former address in Puerto Vallarta where we spent last winter.  The fairies there forwarded it on to us.  I had forgotten to tell GG that we planned to spend this winter in Mazatlan instead.   We found a lovely fairy family who were willing to rent rooms to us "norteno hadas" (that means "northern fairies" in Spanish.)

Their home is in an no longer used tower of an historical old house...
This is a very large and busy city compared to our summer home in New Mexico.  It is noisy all day and much of the night.  However, Merribelle  is very interested in the theatre and the Angela Peralta Theater has lots of performances that we are attending.
Fortunately, it is warm in Mazatlan most of the time, and the theatre staff leave lots of windows open to catch the breezes.  We can't very well purchase tickets since most adults have lost their magic and cannot see us, so we fly in through the windows. Tomorrow we will see...

 In February, we will go to see
And then in March

Sara and Caroline, we were very glad to hear from you.  To answer your question, we will not be able to move to California, because Merribelle has sisters in New Mexico that she doesn't want to leave.  However, we have found two fairy families who are spending the winter in Mexico that might consider your house and fairy garden for their summer home.  One couple currently spends summers in Golden Gate Park.  They had a close encounter with a mean dog and are considering a move to a less public home.  The other couple is expecting their first baby and wish to find a human family to live with so their baby can observe human children.  GG tells me that Albany is warmer than San Francisco which would be better for the baby as well.  They will both visit your house when they return North in May. Hopefully one of these families will like your new fairy garden.  GG tells us that you might be visiting New Mexico sometime in June and we are looking forward to that visit.  

Eliza, the Winter Fairies, that stayed briefly at your GG and Pau Pau's house in December tell me that you are growing into a fine young lady.  Perhaps we will see you as well this summer.  Remember that fairies like human children who are happy and well-behaved but they stay away from children who hit and bite and yell.   

Now we are off to the beach where we spend most of our days... 
I want to learn to sail, but so far we have not found anyone who makes fairy sized sailboats.  

See your soon.

Love and Fairy Kisses,  Fergus 

P.S.  Merribelle has learned to make tamales.  She likes to make them filled with shrimp.  Yum!

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  1. From Caroline: we miss you Ferguson and Merribelle! May is in four more months! Now we will have our own ferries. We have little boats that the can ride.

    From Sara: dear Fergus and Merribelle, we hope we see you soon in Albuquerque!


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