Tuesday, February 10, 2015

For The Love of Tools or "If I could be a tool, what would I be?"

I have a few blogs that I read consistently and one of them is the Floret Flower Farm blogI read it because in some other life, I might like to grow flowers on a much larger scale than my mountainside home allows.  My husband's sister, Caroline, has a small sized farm in the North Valley of Albuquerque with fertile soil, and she grows beautiful iris.  I picture her in the mornings with her cup of tea cooling on the ground as she tends the flowers among the bees that she also raises.  

Recently Erin of the Floret Flower Farm wrote about her favorite garden clippers....

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These beauties are available in her shop.  Her post got me to thinking about what sort of tools I love.  I would really love this clipper!  Especially since my last favorite clipper has mysteriously disappeared....Lightweight, easy to find if you set it down in the garden with it's flashy red handles, sturdy enough to stand up to hard use and very sharpYes, all the things I would like to be if I were a tool. 

My sister had a copper bowl that allowed her to whip up incredible meringues with only a whisk.  I could be that bowl, round and shiny with a few venerable dents here and there.

Or maybe I would like to be my favorite Kolinsky sable water color brushBeautiful silky red hair, perfectly balanced, able to hold a lot of water, with a very fine point. Springing back to its original shape always.  Happily held by someone who loves painting. 

Perhaps I could be my daughter, Brittany's powerful Kitchen Aid mixer, plowing through batches and batches of cookies, cakes, and breads. Sitting in a pride of place on her copper counter top.  Feeding friends and family year after year.

What sort of tool would you like to be?  I never enter contests (can't stand to be disappointed) so I won't be signing up for Erin's contest, but am seriously thinking about ordering those clippers.  You may still have time to make a comment on her blog if you would like a chance to win them.


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