Sunday, April 29, 2012

St. Mark's Invitational Art Show-April 27-May 30

From April 27 through May 30 you will have another opportunity to be introduced to some wonderful Albuquerque artists.  Drop by 431 Richmond NE, to see the rest of their paintings.  Call 262-2484 for the hours the Sacred Arts gallery is open.

Six members of St. Mark's have artworks hanging in the current show.  Over the next few weeks, I will be talking with each artist in more depth and sharing their thoughts with you.  In the mean while, here is a little preview of their work.

Pat Catlett

Heather Gaume

Allen Lowery

Audrey Minard

Anne Yeager

Marge Ussery 
 Sorry about the light reflections on this work.  Will ask if I can take this watercolor out of its frame and re-take the photo when I interview Marge.

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  1. Your paintings are beautiful, love your use of colour and unique style. Your blog and art is briliant. Thank you. Greetings from Australia.


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