Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mother's Day & Mother Blessing

I remember when I was pregnant for the first time and how worried I was that I would not know how to be a mother.  The years have flown away since I was a brand new mama.  Of course I had a wonderful role model in my own mother, and the love and encouragement of a fantastic mother-in-law, so although making many mistakes, I found being a mother a joyful experience.  As Mother's Day approaches, I am celebrating the era of a new generation of young mothers. And what glorious mothers they are indeed!  Each of them brings their own style, fears, and gifts to the job of mothering.  

My niece, Shan, was the first of her generation to become a Mom and she has two beautiful boys who grow ever more entertaining and interesting due to the nurture and encouragement they receive from her. Trained as a teacher, she only rarely wants to strangle them and she uses all of her tricks to keep them from murdering each other in their ever so typical boyish rough housing.

My oldest daughter Camille brings new meaning to the word endurance as she negotiates the turbulent waters of motherhood in a craft with twins aboard.   These twin girls benefit from a stay-at-home Mom who is loving and fun, patient and creative, and celebrates their differences.

My niece, Tish, wanted to be a mother so badly that she chose to have a baby on her own, an extremely costly proposition, when it looked as though Mr. Right was going to arrive too late in her life to help her.  Her daughter is so clearly one of us with her enormous dark eyes and black hair.  She looks almost exactly like I did at that age and has stolen all of our hearts. 

 Another niece, Andrea, tried for years to have a baby and has delivered a wonderfully healthy daughter just in time to celebrate her first Mother's Day.  Andrea is also a teacher and will use her talents enrich the life of this much wanted little girl.

And finely, my precious daughter, Alethea was home this last weekend for a shower and a Mother Blessing.  The shower was held at my daughter Brittany's house and co-hosted by Alethea's high school friend, Charlotte.  Many of my friends who had been a part of Alethea's life and Alethea's high school crowd showered Alethea with some fantastic and thoughtful gifts for her first child.  

The next day, I rushed out of Sunday school early (thanks Sarah for covering for me). Off to my "first time ever Mother Blessing" hosted by Alethea's friend Rhonda who is a nurse/midwife.  Alethea asked me if I would be willing to paint a henna design on her pregnant belly.  With no experience and just a little practice the day before, I managed not to embarrass her. 

Papa Tree, Mama Tree, and Baby Tree with a Trinity symbol
So, ladies, for all of you, Happy Mother's Day and thanks for letting me be a part of your lives.


  1. Thank you! For being my wonderful mama. I love you.

  2. Happy Mother's day to my inspirational mom! And thanks for doing my beautiful Henna belly! I loved it!

  3. What a wonderful tribute. You deserve one too!


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