Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sorting-Harry Potter Camp

 I am thinking about the upcoming magical week at Camp Stoney.  We will be making these house ties after the campers are sorted into houses.  Of course everyone wants to be in Gryffindor, but most kids find "their house" is the best by the end of the week!  A big shout out to Jennifer for coming up with this wonderful idea and posting a tutorial at her blog

 In Care of Magical Creatures, we will be making these very cute owls...
Another shout out to Jenn, a Canadian blogger at Clean and Scentsible who came up with this original idea when crafting some Halloween decorations

And in Potions class, the students will use their Potions Handbook, designed by Kaye, author of the Blog Mrs. Nespy's World

Britta Peterson has an Esty Shop where I purchased some wonderful potion bottle labels and Bertie Botts Bean Boxes to make for Honeydukes.  We try to have one new and wonder item to wow the kids at Hogsmeade each year and I think they will love these.
Years ago, Britta shared a copy of her hand drawn Maurader's Map to give to our campers for free!  We were all just starting out on our journeys with Harry Potter and I want to repay her generosity by making some purchases now that she is selling things. She has other fantastical items that would make your Harry Potter parties special.

An update on Norm's Mom.  She has been transferred to healthcare at Manzano Del Sol and is making great strides already in her recovery.  Will be doing physical therapy to help her regain her mobility.  Her speech is clear and her will is strong!  Thanks for all the prayers, phone calls, emails, etc.  You are all wonderfully supportive.

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