Tuesday, May 22, 2012

From Spartan to Splurge-"Where in the World are Heather and Norm"

From sleeping on the deck of a ferry boat, 
we are now ensconced in the award winning "Gustavus Inn" with a queen sized bed and a twin 

Gustavus Inn
The food is innovative and features foods unique to their location such as Kelp pickles, ginger steamed black cod and rhubarb spread (for some of their wonderful recipes, pick up the current copy of Organic Gardening Magazine where writer, Laurie Constantino features the Gustavus Inn.  Regrettably this article is not on their internet version.  The first night they served halibut baked in a sour cream sauce..
A lovely salad picked that day from their garden...
A melange of garden vegetables very lightly sauteed. (Sorry, I neglected to take a photo because I was serving the halibut as the meals are served family style and I was the closest to the very hot casserole dish.)

Couscous and freshly baked sourdough rolls...
For dessert there was a choice of rhubarb pie with ice cream or Grasshopper pie. No photo of these either as rhubarb is my favorite and I dived right in and ate every bite before remembering the blog!  The Inn was awarded the prestigious James Beard Foundation's 2010 American Classics Award.

The views from all the windows are incredible...

Come back tomorrow and we will take a look at the gardens and greenhouse.

The next day's post will feature the work of both JoAnn Lesh, watercolor artist, (and owner with her husband, Dave Lesh who is the second generation to operate Gustavus Inn with their children, the third generation) and some of the artwork of her teachers, and former artist/guests of the Inn.

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  1. Spartan is obviously not my style of travel. Splurge is definitely more like it. Looks like you are having a greatvtime.


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