Wednesday, May 30, 2012

McGonagle's Spectaculary Successful Spell

This year at Harry Potter Camp, we will treat all new wands with this spell...
 (Please feel free to use this spell for your own personal use, parties, etc., but as I created this craft, I would appreciate it if you would credit it to me and not sell it as your own.)
Via Heather's Water Works Blog
Which is kept in a book safe...
Via Heather's Water Works Blog
With the ingredients to cast the spell conveniently at hand.

Here is the cover for the book safe with a small skull made from paper mache' and glittered for a fantastical effect.  
Via Heather's Water Work's Blog

Two years ago all the campers made a book safe like this one in which to keep their magic items.  It, however, becomes increasingly difficult to find old books from which to make them.  Reader's Digest Condensed books have become a hot item in the DIY world.  I used to pay $.50 for them.  Now the cheapest I can find them is $1.00 and only one or two at a time.  We have 30 campers!  Since we are a non-profit camp, we are always looking for inexpensive crafts.  

We will continue to use this example as a prop for skits, and maybe sometime, I will come upon a large stash of books that I can bear to cut up! 

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