Monday, May 21, 2012

Solarium Bedroom

Ever so humble bed chamber for three nights on the "Columbia"
It is difficult and expensive to get a cabin on the ferries, and so we "roughed it" with the young folks...except most of them were not so young after all.
Thrifty dining on the solarium.

We were sleeping with an interesting assortment of folks out here on the covered deck area of the boat.  An older gentlemen from Scotland who was very chatty.  A young woman from Houston in an extremely short leather skirt and jacket (and fortunately heavy stockings to keep her legs warm...otherwise my motherly soul would have been offering her fleece from my own wardrobe!) on her way to look for work in the cool of Alaska.  Many retired couples out exploring.  Lots of young people on the way to summer jobs.  A "giggle" of high school girls, apparently returning from a sports event as they wore matching pants.  Rough looking "working guys." And our good friends and fellow adventurers, Andy and Sylvia.
Andy and Sylvia left the ferry at Petersburg to take an independent week long kayak trip and will rejoin us in Gustavus for the remainder of the trip.

Traveling the inner passage to Gustavus from Bellingham takes three days and a ferry boat change at 3:00 a.m.  It, however, let us see some incredible scenery and "decompress" from the busy lives we lead.  

Lots of reading done.  Lots of visiting with folks from around the world.  Naps during the day as the boat vibration lulls you to sleep.

And some surprising entertaining fly crafting...

Not to insult all my friends who love to fish, but this activity seems the most exciting thing about fishing to me.  Maybe because I haven't EVER CAUGHT A FISH.

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