Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dancing with a Robot

Generally reluctant to embrace new technology,  I was forced into a new experience today when my husband "surprised" me with a robot.  Not exactly R2D2....
More like a little round disk without R2D2's attitude, although it does gently warn "Error, Error" if you pick it up.  

Dancing did I say?  The dancing was both the robot trying to "avoid my feet" and me trying to "direct" it to a particular place.  You may have guessed what it is, or maybe not.  All on its own it scurries around all the legs of the furniture busily vacuuming up the endless dust that our winds in New Mexico deposit daily.  

More time to paint.  More time to blog.  More time to take photos of the wildflowers just starting to bloom here on the mountainside.  

That is if I can get over watching it do its thing!  Honestly, you would think I had a new toddler in the house who might get into endless trouble.  The best part is that it avoids the staircase all on its own and puts itself to bed when tired to recharge on its docking station.  While not exactly methodical, and missing a few spots, the floor is definitely much cleaner.  If we program it to run everyday while we are out of the house, it might get everything over a couple of days.  And to be perfectly honest, I never get everything with my old fashioned vacuum.  

This little iRobot "Rhomba" gets to live outside a closet, unlike its big brother, "Hoover" who is hidden away when not in use.  That is because it is not tall enough to open the closet door on its own to start working!  When they get that bug worked out, my techie husband will probably upgrade.  Would you consider getting a robotic vacuum?


  1. He's pretty timely. May the Fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars Day!!!

  2. I was interested until I saw the price tag!! Holy moly dad must love you!!!

  3. Or be as much of a gearhead as Tim!!!! I'm wondering whether you have to program it NOT to run if it's cloudy. I'll get one when they learn how to empty themselves and climb the step up from the living room.

  4. Goodness how i would love one of these things. Dad done good.


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