Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Birthday present

Today is my birthday and I was home alone for a bit.  Alone time for this introvert is a gift in itself! I don't often buy things for myself and when I do it is usually materials for my artwork, but I fell in love with this painting by Ann Yeager and bought it for myself.  Do you ever buy birthday presents for yourself?  I will always think of it as a present from my beautiful Mom, whom we buried on Monday, since she left me some of her estate which made this purchase possible.
It is quite large as you can see from this photo and the colors change as the light moves with the sun from the east, south, and west windows.  It has a commanding presence from anywhere in the great room and I am very happy with it.  Ann told me that she painted it from the Rio Bravo bridge in Albuquerque looking north.  And thanks to my daughter Brittany and her partner Colin for precariously perching on a ladder over an 18' stairwell to hang it.

My darling husband gave me new camera to replace my old Lumix which died on our Costa Rica trip.  I am loving learning a bit more about photography.

My three girls have made it easier for me to use the iPad by giving me a case  with a real keyboard so that I no longer have to look at what I am typing...and it is hot pink so I will never lose it!

Thanks to all of my Facebook friends for their birthday greetings as well.  And to those of you who sent a real card with a stamp, I found those very special.

Out for a movie and dinner with my daughter, Brittany, this evening.  All in all a very nice birthday.

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