Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Japanese Art at two Museums

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A few days ago Rosalind, Brittany and I made a quick dash through the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History.  Currently showing is an exhibit featuring work of artisans in Japan during the Art Deco period.  If you love Art Deco, you will find this exhibit fascinating.  No photos were allowed, so I can only show you images found on other websites. 
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When we visit museums, we always choose one thing in the exhibit that we like the best or find most interesting.  While the paintings, prints, and advertisements were fascinating, we all liked the animal sculptures the best. 
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 This one of a bull captures the essence of bull in a very abstract way and the museum had lit it in a way that cast interesting shadows...not shown in this image.
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However, it reminded me that I had never posted about another lovely show I saw while in Costa Rica in January.  

For years, while my father traveled the world as an Air force officer, he would bring dolls to Rosalind and me from the places he visited.  Because his trips were usually classified, he did not give them to us until later so we would not know when he had been to Germany, France, Russia, Poland, etc.  Rosalind loved dolls and took very good care of these little treasures, sometimes guarding them from my tendency to scalp them while playing cowboys and Indians or dissect them when playing doctor.  I did have a favorite though.  The Japanese doll was gorgeously dressed and seemed so fragile that I was extra careful with her.  But she was not nearly as lovely as the Japanese dolls in the museum in Costa Rica.

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