Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bea van Twillert

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Are you addicted to Pinterest?  I must confess that I spend a little too much time scrolling around, clicking on images.  As an artist, I think in color, form, light and contrasts, and these images spark my imagination.  Today I came across an artist's work that I really like.  Bea van Twillert is a Dutch artist, who lives and works on Ameland, one of the islands off the north coast of the Neatherlands.

More abstract than figurative, her landscapes evoke the windswept dunes and sea that surround her home.

Click here to visit Bea's Pinterest Page for more stunning paintings.

Click here to visit her website (don't forget to click on the "translate" link since this site is in Dutch otherwise).

Bea works in many medias and paints lots of subjects, but my favorites are her landscapes or "landschappen." 

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