Monday, April 22, 2013

Lavish Retreat

Over the weekend, we (my sister Rosalind, my daughter Brittany, and me) traveled to Oakland to visit my daughter Camille and her twin girls.  My daughter, Alethea and her baby Eliza from Steamboat Springs joined us  for a girl's only retreat.  On arrival at the historic Claremont Resort, we found lovely flowers arranged by Camille, who is her spare time from part ownership of Walrus, works part time as a floral designer.
 And a gift basket filled with all sorts of treats....
Gift basket for Rosalind from Camille, Alethea, and Brittany 
The scents from the flowers perfumed the air for the entire weekend and then traveled to Camille's house for a Sunday morning brunch with cousins.  

On all the elevator lobbies in the spa section of the hotel were console tables filled with orchids.
So we were surrounded by the flowers for the weekend.

I am linking to Jane's "Flowers in the House Party" over at her blog, Small but Charming.  Click on over to see more lovely blossoms.  And don't forget to walk your neighborhood to see what is blooming outside as well. 


  1. Wow this FITH was custom made for you.

    Lovely,And how nice did that stock smell?

    What a fabulous weekend.

    Just a tiny bit green with envy but what a perfect color for Earth Day!

    xo Jane

  2. I hope you all had a wonderful time together!

  3. You commented at my blog and I popped across to say thank you. Well! What a good thing I got up super-early! Lovely blog, Heather.I hope to do some more back-reading AFTER I finish my drawings!

  4. wow, that first image! why doesn't my husband ever send me flowers that look like that?! gorgeous!

  5. What beautiful flowers everywhere you turned. Must have made a very lovely trip!


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