Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday Jazz at Seasons

My dear friend, Molly and her daughter, Angie invited me to spend Sunday evening with them at the Seasons Rotisserie and Grill where a friend of Angie's from high school was performing. 
Photo by Cal Haines

Lee Taylor and his quartet lit up the rain darkened evening with their performances.  Clearly enjoying the evening as much as the audience, the first set established their camaraderie and excellent technique. 


The quartet features friends that Lee has played with since the 1980's; Lewis Winn on guitar, “Milo” Robert L. Jaramillo on bass, and John Bartlit on drums.

During the second half of the evening we learned that several friends in the audience were performers as well and Lee invited them up to sing for us.   So disappointed that I did not hear the introduction of this very hot mama...
whose vocalizations rivaled the late Linda Cotton.

But I did hear Patty's name and have found lots of information on her career online.
Patty Stephens


Next time I go to any one of these artist's performances, I will be sure to take some flowers from my garden, but here are some virtual ones for all of them...
 Thyme, verbena, sunflowers from my garden, Alstroemeria lilies and pink something or other still pretty from a bouquet sent by my friend Pat, for my sisters Memorial service.  For more lovely flowers I am linking to a blog friend, Jane's "Flowers in the House Party."  Click on over to see what is blooming in gardens around the world.


  1. A striking colour combination in that vase; very nice indeed.

  2. What a fun night and what beautiful flowers.

    They scream summer in the nicest possible way.

    xo Jane

  3. They look so summery! I love verbena especially.

  4. So cheerful, great colors. Looks like a fun concert.

  5. That concert looks like fun--there's nothing like live music-- and the flowers are lovely.

    I read about your sister on Steve's blog (An Urban Cottage). I am so very sorry.


  6. Oh so fun! I come from a family of musicians, and your photos make me long for an evening of performance! And the flowers you have in your house are so beautiful! Sad that some are from your sister's memorial services, but what a beautiful little blessing to have those blooms. <3

  7. You must have quite a colorful garden! I love the pink something-or-other and see the good silver is still being enjoyed.

  8. I love live music so much, always better than any recording. Pretty flowers.

  9. Lovely summertime flowers. So bright and cheery.


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