Monday, November 25, 2013

Open Studio

This past twelve months have been difficult with the loss of my mother, Rose Lee, my sister-in-law, Linda, and my best friend and sister, Rosalind.  I have been blogging only sporadically since my sister's death in June, and I took some time this week to reflect on why that was so.  I realized that I loved my best follower, Rosalind, and without her to read (and frequently correct!) my blogs, some of the fun went out of the whole process.  I do, however, miss blogging.  Our summer travels are behind us, and I am spending more time indoors now that the garden needs so much less attention, so here I am again, writing posts.

On Mondays, I hold an open studio.  Which means to me, that I don't show folks my new work, but encourage them to bring their own and spend some time painting on the mountainside.  If someone is struggling, I give them a little help.  

In the process, I paint as well, even if I am sad, or tired, or discouraged.  

I am getting some work done again.  This is good for my spirits and good for my ministry.  I donate the proceeds of all the sales of my work to the youth programs at St. Mark's.  I am open to donating pieces to other favorite causes of friends as well.  The only pieces that I keep are the ones that I am not pleased with and I keep them as reminders of what not to do!  My children have been sworn to clean out the studio and burn all unsigned work should I die without having done it myself! 

So here are some things I am working on now.
Please note that none of these watercolors are finished, so please don't pin or share them.  Constructive criticism is always appreciated, however, so comments below are encouraged! 

And here are some of the artists who paint on Mondays with me.
Things get a little messy!

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