Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spanish Revival...My Daughter's House

My oldest daughter, Camille, comes late to home ownership.  She lives in the San Francisco Bay area where real estate prices cause folks to gasp in dismay!  This month, after several years of saving for a down payment, she and her husband purchased this house...
 It is tiny!  Camille, however is rigorous in editing her possessions, and a design expert, so I am looking forward to seeing what she does with this Spanish Revival house.  I am thinking perhaps French doors and a balcony over the garage to expand the small master bedroom?  A little one like these...

Photo via
Photo Via

Or Camillle and David could address the lack of closets by adding an extension over the entire garage.  Sort of like this...
Excuse my messy drawing.  My architect son-in-law, Tim, will roll his eyes when he sees this!
Before photo in case you have forgotten.


  1. I love this idea, Mom! Would be fun to add a balcony and cantilever the room a bit over the garage for extra space. I like how you added the Spanish tile awning too. That's the one thing I feel is missing from the house -- Spanish tile. Cool to see how the house might look with carriage doors too.

    I'll show this to David after he's gotten over the shock of buying a house. Maybe in a year or two. ;)

  2. I agree. That's a genius idea to cantilever some closets out over the garage. The closets could probably stop at the height of the top of the window and the tiles could extend across to each corner so you don't have to mess with the roof. Now we know where Camille gets her design genes from.


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