Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Power of Pinterest

I have been spending some time pinning images of trees on Pinterest for my painting classes on Mondays.  Last Monday I showed my class how to set up their own Pinterest Boards for inspirations photos.  In the summer I like to paint plein air but this is what it looks like outside my house...
 No plein air painting for the next few months!
 On someone's Pinterest board, I found this image....
Image Via Style Pacifica

The pinner had not identified the artist, but it sure looked like one of my favorite artists, who lived and worked in New Mexico for a great deal of her life.  Do you recognize the artist?

If you don't use Pinterest and were not sure, how would you go about verifying your hunch?  You might Google images of "waterfalls" or perhaps "paintings of mountains with waterfalls."  However on Pinterest, you can just click on the image and it will take you back to the original webpage from which the image was pinned.  Good pinning etiquette now requires that each of your pins include that information in the comments section, but this may have been pinned in the early days of Pinterest.  So off I clicked to find out more about this image.

Pinterest took me to STYLE PACIFICA, where I learned, to my surprise, that Georgia O"Keefe had spent some time in Hawaii during a very difficult time in her life.  For more information and some wonderful (and out of the ordinary) paintings by Georgia, visit Poerava at her blog STYLE PACIFICA.
Image Via Style Pacifica
 As a primarily visual learner, Pinterest if one of my favorite places on the internet to visit.  If you haven't discovered Pinterest, it is a giant repository of images, all of which you can organize onto your "boards."  If you are interested in recipes, that are thousands.  Love photography?  Learn more from the "pinned" tutorials.  Planning a trip?  Search for your destination to find photos and blog post about it.  Have a question about something that is pinned?  Ask in the comments section, and the original pinner will be notified and will respond (usually!).

So how do you get started?  Type Sign up for Pinterest in your browser search which will send you to the website.  Just follow the easy instructions.  If this "less than" techie grandmother can do it, you can you.


  1. Oh, I'm hooked on Pinterest. I love collecting images and then looking at the board I've created. They always inspire me in some way, whether it's to bake something, try something new ... even clean the house! One bad thing is that images are often mislabeled, so it can be a source of misinformation sometimes. But I just love Pinterest. It's like having access to endless magazines.

    1. Yes without the mess of endless magazines!

  2. Pinterst was such a simple idea. Why did it take so long to invent. And what did we ever do without it?

  3. I for one had piles of clippings to be filed and then rarely looked at again, and I could remember a photo but not where I put it! This is so much cleaner and easier!


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