Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Adventures in Costa Rica -San Juan

Three weeks ago we flew off for another immersion into the Costa Rican culture with its "comidas typicas", indigenous artwork, happy people, gorgeous countryside, and wildlife watching.  Oh, and how could I forget...white water river running?  
Fellow travelers enjoying cocktails on the front patio.

We flew into San Jose to stay for a few days of the big city life.  For the past three years the Don Carlos Hotel has been our base in San Jose.  Its wonderful patio, decent breakfast, friendly staff and large rooms are located just across the street from the Jade Museum close to the downtown walking mall.  

No photos of the oddly shaped but gorgeous "ladies of the evening" who are definitely NOT allowed into the hotel Don Carlos.  We were told that they are not ladies at all but guys in drag who hang out a block away and rob their unwary customers.
Lobby courtyard at the Don Carlos
Passage way to another group of rooms and the outdoor patio.
All of our group likes the Don Carlos, but I am especially fond of the extensive collection of Colonial artwork that the owners have collected for years and generously shares with their guests rather than keeping them in their home.

Not that we got to see the Jade Museum which was inexplicably closed with no signage to explain why. 
Last year we skipped the Jade Museum in favor of seeing the Lola Fernandez art exhibit which you can read about here.  Oh well another reason to return to Costa Rica and now off to the other museums and shops....but wait, I'm late for a meeting so will save that for another post.

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