Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ana's Building a new "Necessary" for the Williamsburg Dollhouse

Anastasia is very happy with the new landscaping which is nearing completion, just in time for a house tour.  Ana hasn't been told yet that the house tour will be part of the Miniature Show at St. Mark's Episcopal church and will involve packing up and transporting everything across our bumpy dirt road. (Shh! don't spill the beans until the last minute, so we don't have to listen to her complaints!)  Lydia, the cook, had to be told as she will have the burden of packing up the kitchen.  Lydia loves to travel, so she is a bit excited about this temporary re-location.

The old "necessary", i.e., outhouse just was not elegant enough to fit into Ana's scheme of upgrading her Williamsburg townhouse, so before construction begins on the ballroom, she is having the carpenter (that would be me) build a new one.  In Ana's opinion, it should match the house to some extent, have discreet screened openings to reduce the odor, and have two holes...one for the gentlemen who seem to often miss when "in their cups" and one for the ladies with a seat.  Ana is tired of having her skirts soiled!  Noticing that guests frequently don't wash their hands when returning from the "necessary" Ana plans to have a water source, soap, and towels at hand in the building. She just cannot abide folks who don't wash their hands.  

She has endured a good deal of ridicule from Jame's friends about this "folly" as they call it, but as usual James just smiles and lets Ana have her way.  Ana keeps her tart retort to herself.  As usual James friends don't know the meaning of many of the words they throw about.  Ana knows that a "folly" is constructed for absolutely no practical purpose and her "necessary" clearly has an important purpose. Ana wonders how long it will be before her circle of lady friends will be begging their husbands for their own new "follies."

Drop by St. Mark's to see the main house and kitchen which my sister, Rosalind built.  I added the landscaping and some accessories and am now finishing the new "necessary" which Anastasia so ardently desires.  For those of you outside the Albuquerque area, I will post photos soon.

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