Saturday, September 13, 2014

Behind The Garden Gate

In my last post I showed you a typical garden gate protecting a New Mexico courtyard.  One of my first memories of visits to Santa Fe as a child included walking from a very hot dry dusty lane that was Canyon Road in those days through a gate into a very different world, lush with tree, flowers and a burbling fountain.  Today folks landscape a little outside their gates, but in those days, it was blank adobe walls with colorful gates that you only wished you could see behind! Here a few glimpses...

Photograph by Kim Ashley
Painting by Mary Giacomini

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Photo by MarkStudio

Susan Blevens Garden - Taos - Photograph by Charles Mann

New Mexico Colors by D Neely
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A patio garden at a John Gaw Meem designed house on the 2012 tour, photo/Steve Collins

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