Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grandparenting a Strong Willed Child

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words....

Careful, cousin, she bites!
Careful Bella, she bites!
Sorry Walter, she thinks you are a pony.

If the box fits, wear it!

If you have a strong willed grandchild, chances are you have already raised a strong willed child or you were one yourself!  Try to remember what worked or did not work back then.

Some things that help.  

Establish consistent rules and don't waver!  Parents' rules may differ, but even very young children understand that rules in one house may be different in another.  If they are at your house, your rules apply.  If at their house, find out what the parents allow, or don't, and follow their rules.

Give only two choices!  Children are confused by more.  (Shhh! don't tell the kids! Young children usually choose the last thing they hear, so you might be able to influence their choice.) 

Give lots of hugs and remember that this child, who can be a challenge now, will turn into a very successful adult.  That is all....  

WHAT?  NO MORE ADVICE?  If you are involved in your grandchild's life, that means you must have done a pretty good job raising his/her parents.  Just relax into what you already know.

And when these strong willed children are good, they are very, very good!

Helping pick Chanterelles for dinner
Enjoying the Chihuly glass exhibit at the Denver Botanical Gardens
Helping Dad cook breakfast...as you can see her hair has a mind of its own as well!

Painting like "G" "G"
Taking walks with a friend.
Helping feed a baby.
Hanging out with Mom

A sense of humor doesn't hurt either!

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