Thursday, October 2, 2014

Baby Present

One of my long time friends, Marianna, is so excited to be welcoming her new grandchild into the world on October 13.  The baby's room has been decorated in grey and white stripes with lots of elephants.  Marianna wanted to buy the elephant that my friend Wendy had painted, but it was no longer available.  So here is what I replaced it with...
 This is the first time I have painted an elephant, and it was a lot of fun!  Maybe I will try some other large mammals.  And congratulations to Justin and Natalie as they prepare for the birth of their first child.  May God's blessings and strength surround you.

New Mexico has had some very welcome rain recently and all my painting friends are off running rivers that suddenly have enough water, but here is what they were painting before leaving.
Barb, working on a new painting of sea turtles
Betsy loves pink!

Celia's be-whiskered koi

Barb's beginning
And my love affair with corals.
 I bought these for the last class....

 However, everyone was busy finishing up other paintings, so I was the only one using them as inspiration!  They are still pretty after five days...

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  1. Painting up a storm! Fun to see what you've been working on!


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