Saturday, October 4, 2014

Chihuly at Denver Botanic Gardens

When I was visiting my daughter recently in Colorado, I was very distressed when my husband and I arrived only twenty minutes before closing time at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  Following a meeting in Denver which ran late, and having spent about 40 minutes fighting Denver rush hour traffic, we were concerned that I would miss my plane if we lingered, so made the difficult decision to miss this opportunity to see Dale Chihuly's fabulous art glass installation in Denver

When I told my friends about this disappointment, I have been somewhat astounded that so few of my friends know anything about Dale Chihuly, the glass sculptor.  

Maybe because he was born in Tacoma, Washington (one of my very favorite places to live as a child) and worked & taught in Washington state, where my husband and I frequently visit family and close friends, I have been admiring his work for years in art museums and galleries.  
Seattle's Chihuly Garden and Glass Image Via

I did not, however, miss his show at San Francisco's De Young Museum in 2008.

Chihuly Glass Exhibit at the De Young Museum  Image Via

So today, I thought I would share a few photos from the internet in case you haven't seen his work...

Image Via
If you live in New Mexico, you can travel a couple of hours to Las Vegas to see two Chihuly glass chandeliers installed in the dining room of the United World College housed in the historic Montezuma Castle.  Be sure and call before going to check if they are open for visitors.  For a fascinating "mini tour" of the Castle and its history, visit  In this blog, Kate and Terry chronicle their travels in their Lazy Daze Motorhome and Kate took the following three photos.
United World College, Las Vegas, NM  Image Via
Image Via

 For now, I am contenting myself with this little video of the installation at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Be sure to click on the full screen icon at the bottom  of the black box to the immediate right YouTube icon...

If you want to see more, click on the "Light of Jerusulem" which takes about an hour to watch.

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